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Family Service Agreement

(G) explore alternative ways to meet the family needs of the child and the child in the absence or absence of optimal services. (d) informal assistance in the family service contract. With family permission, support persons such as neighbors, friends, volunteers, extended family members, tribal representatives, and other cultural supports may be involved in security plans and service agreements. Individuals who agree to be family resources commit to participating in safety planning and sign the voluntary safety plan. (3) In all cases of family-centred services (FCS) involving tribal children, the CW specialist shall make active efforts to maintain or reunite an Indian child with the family, including, but not limited to: (1) Form 04MP064E, safety plan, is established with the family in conjunction with Form 04MP025E if: (A) family care exceeds 90 calendar days; (E) formalize the closure of the case with the family when the written documentation relating to the closure of the files and the follow-up plan has been approved; (h) protective and preventive childcare. childcare services may be made available to a family if: (A) chooses an appropriate care home and houses the child; (D) submit the family follow-up plan to supervisor CW for review and approval; (iv) establish a visiting plan for the child and the child`s family when a safety plan is in place outside the home; and 26th closure of the FCS case. The family, the CW specialist and the CW supervisor are involved in the determination that the health, safety and well-being of the child are assured and that the FCS case can be closed. 15. Contact with service providers. The CW-Spezialist maintains no less than every two weeks by telephone, in person or by correspondence contact with the service provider and documents the contacts in KIDS. CW Specialist: (C) Opening of an Oklahoma Human Services Department (DHS) Family Services (FCS) Falls. • 1 (1) A child may be placed in foster care at the request of the child`s parent or legal guardian when an emergency temporarily disrupts the parent`s or legal guardian`s ability to safely care for the child.

(f) support for the family service agreement. Family Service Agreement assistance includes professional programs and services, such as.B. community services programs of cultural interest, to help the family integrate new behaviours that support safety. Basic Comprehensive Home Services (CHBS) and Parent Help Services (PAS) are available through OCS, according to Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-1-151. • 14 & 15 (B) When the family is transferred to chBS, the FCS case remains open until the end of the CHBS case in order to assist the CHBS employee in case of possible problems. (C) facilitate the establishment of services with providers using Form 04KI012E as a guide for assessing the use of services and discuss services with the provider and the family, such as: (5) Court intervention is required when voluntary family care reaches a maximum of 90 calendar days and the parent or legal guardian does not accept the return of the child. • 29 (D) the CFRP has successfully entered into an old FCS service plan and is again referred to FCS with the same allegations of child abuse or neglect; (C) the time limits and procedures for voluntary placement in family care; E) the time required for the family, CW specialists and other suppliers to carry out the actions; (e) Family reunion. . . . .