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Worldpay Agreement Id

An abbreviated description of the agreement. For example, it can be Reg op1, int 2 weeks: which means it is an option 1, regular agreement, with a 2 week interval between payments. You can view the status of an online agreement with the shopper management system, as described below. This way, you can check z.B. if your agreement has been successfully implemented or cancelled. The agreement has been reached (the number of payments indicated, the end date or the total amount has been reached) and no further payments are made. Click the Cancel button to cancel the deal. Note that the agreement cannot be restored after deletion. WorldPay unique identifier of the agreement. It is generated automatically by WorldPay at the time of agreement.

The current status of the agreement. This may be one of: Just Created, Operational, Complete, Cancelled by The Dealer, Cancelled by Shopper, Waiting Launch Date, Attempt Limit Reached, Merchant Account Suspended, Shopper Card Expired, Waiting Validation Payment. The conditions under which the agreement can be terminated. It`s usually at any time. Information about the agreement is displayed in this section. You can change the dealer`s reference and terminate the contract. This button re-enters the buyer`s password. Note that this action is recorded as part of the review of the agreement. This button opens the payment page showing the payment history of a particular contract. For more information, visit the payment page. Note that this button only appears when payments have been made.

The agreement was created but is not yet in force. This button opens the “Update Shopper” email page, which allows you to change the buyer`s email address. Note that changes in the way the agreement is made are recorded. For more information, visit the “Update Shoppers Email Address Page.” The agreement has been reached, but no payment has yet been made at the time of launch in the future. The exact number of fields displayed on the View Agreement page may vary depending on which option selected at the time of agreement. Detailed descriptions of these options and examples of their use can be found in the FuturePay guide. Please note that some parts of this manual describe an older version of the Worldpay Business Manager (still in use) known as Merchant Interface or Merchant Administration Interface (MAI). Not all instructions about the Merchant interface follow the same path as the Worldpay Business Manager. The number of payments to be made by the buyer`s credit/debit card.

This button opens the Contract Audit page. For more information, visit the contract audit page. For more information, see options for regular agreements. “Regular Recurring Payments” (FuturePay) Accord Details The credit/debit card number debited by payment amounts.