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Section 104 Agreement Welsh Water

Once this adoption agreement is in place, you can request a new connection to the channel. For information, we confirm that the Welsh Minister`s standards have come into force of the design and construction of new gravity sewers of heaviness and lateral flows from 1 October 2012 and is therefore a developer legally obliged to enter into an agreement with the sewer company before the construction of the lateral flow that you mentioned in your application. The lateral flow must always be controlled by us before the connection, which did not occur, because we did not know that the exits had been moved at that time. In the meantime, we will continue to accept and process requests to introduce surface water channels for sewers that do not communicate with the public canal system. As of this date, all new sewers and crosswalks to be connected to the public canal system, including associated pumping stations, must be included in an adoption agreement in accordance with Section 104 prior to the start of construction or the authorization of a canal connection. Once the sewerage agreement is in place, Welsh Water must ensure that sewers and side sewers are then accepted. In accordance with their own guidelines, the law and requirements of the Welsh Government sect 106B clearly states “it is a crime to build/install a canal or side exits before an adoption agreement comes into force.” WW is aware that this illegal act took place. I would like to send a copy of the correspondence to The Welsh Government, The Police, The Council Planning Dept, The Developer, The Search agencies, The Head of WW, The Planning Officer Phil Russell, NHBC, The Residents and all the other agencies involved. Section 42 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 amended legislation that controls all new connections to the public sewerage system, Section 106 of the Water Industry Act 1991 by introducing a new section 106B requirement. Section 106B introduces the “obligation to enter into an agreement before construction.” It is now punishable to build or install a canal or side channel before an adoption agreement is reached. It`s worth connecting a new or existing building to the public canal network for the first time or building a large building.

The only exception to this requirement is that a new connection to the public network of channels is only for a flow that does not exceed the boundary of a real estate. In accordance with Section 42 Floods and Water Management Act 2010, Section 106 Water Industry Act of 1991, which provides that a person “may not exercise the section 106 (1) right to a lateral flow or canal built after the start of this section only if conditions 1 and 2 are met, condition 1 is that an agreement has been reached under Section 104 with respect to runoff or sewerage. Condition 2 is that the agreement contains provisions on the standards by which sewers and sewers must be built and contain or meet the standards published by the Minister. New surface water channels for communicating with a stream are not included in the mandatory adoption requirement or in departmental standards. The Welsh Government is currently considering further legislative changes through additional provisions of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 (Schedule 3 Sustainable drain), which will change the way we treat surface water in the future.