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Which Of These Would Normally Be Included In An Insurance Agency Agreement (Toba)

You should inform us of the specific concerns that led you to apply for insurance coverage as well as specific or unusual risk-related facts. They must ensure that all essential factual assertions are essentially correct and not misleading and that all essential information that is a matter of expectation or belief (. B, for example, an estimate or prognosis) is provided in good faith. “Essential statements” and “essential information” are information that could influence the judgment of a prudent insurer when deciding whether and under what conditions a risk should be taken. We are an independent insurance intermediary and not an insurer that acts on behalf of our clients in the organization of insurance, including: assessing your insurance needs and recommending policies that are right for you; Intermediation of your coverage with insurers to meet our requirements and help them with any ongoing changes you need to make. As part of our service, we support you for all claims you must make and tell you the responsibility you have for the exercise of your rights. OUR ADVICE When evaluating your requirements, we make a recommendation for a specific insurance product. This may be important decision makers or those responsible for the organization of your insurance (including us as your broker) or other parties who perform outsourced functions for your business, such as (but not limited to): In due course before the conclusion of the original insurance contract and if necessary when changing or renewing , the company will advise you on the Statutory Trust account. Repayment of payments to customers in a customer bank account with a bank licensed under a legal trust agreement, in accordance with Financial Conduct Authority rules. 7.2 Any condition of subjectivity within an insurance policy, which is established by the company, must be respected. Any condition of subjectivity that is not met by an insurance taker immediately invalidates all coverage under the insurance, as long as the subjectivity is not yet in place. If a provision of these conditions proves to be totally or partially invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the other provisions of these conditions and the rest of the provision in question will not be affected.

These conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales or Scotland, and the parties hereafter agree that any resulting litigation falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court. These conditions replace all proposals, discussions and advance assurances (oral or written) between us regarding our appointment as a representative in the organization and management of your insurance. These conditions are an offer from us to act on your behalf in the organization and management of your insurance. In the absence of a specific acceptance that you have communicated to us (orally or in writing), it is considered that you accept our offer on the basis of these conditions, by the behavior, on their order to act, act or act for you in connection with the insurance business. We act as an insurance intermediary and, as such, as an intermediary on your part, our client. However, in certain circumstances, we may apply vigilance obligations to other parties and their duty. We will follow you in these circumstances so that you are informed of any conflicts of interest. In certain circumstances, such as extension. B of your insurance coverage with your existing insurers or if we can simply provide you with information about a product, we will not advise you; We always make you understand this in our documentation.

YOUR insurance is based on information provided to the insurance company. Failure to comply with the following advertising obligations may invalidate your insurance coverage and mean that a debt is not paid or that an additional premium is paid.