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Act Public Sector Administrative And Related Classifications Enterprise Agreement

“the competent legal authority, the body, the commission, the administrative unit or the autonomous instrumentality of the government of the Australian capital; with respect to the termination of employment of workers employed in the classifications listed in Table 2 of Appendix A, nothing should be affected in subsection 19.8 – Return to the profession after a period of parental leave should not affect the functioning of the Legislative Personnel Act (Members` Staff) 1989 (A.C. T.). If the LAMS Act is at odds with a provision in paragraph 19.8, the LAMS Act prevails. 23.7 When a worker is absent from work on a day or part-day that is a public holiday, the worker is paid at the worker`s normal hourly rate for the worker`s normal hours of work on that day or on the part-day. c) Proposals for part-time work may be initiated by the general manager for business reasons or by an employee for personal reasons. A full-time worker will not be converted to a part-time base without the employee`s written consent, as stipulated in this clause. (b) except as stipulated in this clause, unless an alternative agreement is reached by mutual agreement between the employer and the workers concerned, time and half (150%) For all work done during meals and then until a meal break, prices are paid. (c) all over-indebtedness funds that are a public sector over-indebtedness system (within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act of 1993 (Cth) where a state or territory law requires the government of the law to make contributions to the worker`s benefit to that fund;d) When a proposal is initiated by a worker, management or agency takes into account personal reasons. , workers in support of the proposal and management in support of the Agency`s proposal and operational requirements. Management or agency agreement is required before normal part-time employment can begin. 4.5 The Director General must provide each worker with a copy of the agreement and keep the agreement in the form of a time book and salary. (i) In addition, a casual worker will be paid a 25% charge instead of paid leave (excluding long-term service leave), termination of the employment relationship and redundancy benefits, and instead of paying for public holidays where the worker has not worked.