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Csd Grower Agreement

Since Syngenta and CSD signed the FastStart Cotton agreement, producers have enjoyed 10 significant successes. to ensure that varieties are delivered to cotton producers “We are inspired by nature, the strength of seeds and helping producers in the production of quality plants through resource efficiency. FastStart has allowed us to achieve these goals and solve the challenges for farmers.¬†John Grellman: I`m John Grellman and I sat on the CSD steering committee for 20 years, not 37 years from 1974. I am a cotton farmer or cotton farmer. I am now retired, but we had a farm in Merah North and one of the strengths of Cotton Seed Distributors was the relationship we had with CSIRO from the beginning, and fortunately, after many years, this association was formalized in a joint venture agreement. It wasn`t that, it was an unregreg registered organization. However, the CSD and CSIRO had the opportunity to cooperate a lot not only in seed production, but also in the direction in which research in the cotton industry would go, and CSD had huge amounts of capital in it. in this concept. to ensure that Australian cotton producers keep the best varieties in the future. Dr.

Jim Peacock: I have had a lot to do with international agriculture. I cannot cite a situation in the world in any culture where the partnership between science and the recipients of CSD discoveries with producers has been more effective, without bad feelings. Simply amazing and if you have the best breeders, the best technology, the best working companies that offer the best seeds and so on, you have to succeed. I think it may have been in `79 and I probably met a third of the breeders as they were at the time, and I just couldn`t get through that day, and I thought it would be a great opportunity for CSIRO and especially CSD to unite in a partnership that would become a leading company in cotton and the production and sale of cotton internationally. And that`s what happened. I remember mostly talking to two guys from the CSD. One of them was Frank Hadley, who had a lot to do with the launch of the CSD. I admired Frank.

I liked it right away. He reminded me of my oldest Presbyterian grandfather, and in fact, I think it was a pretty good parallel. Paul Luxton, Chief Management Officer of Syngenta Australia, said the collaboration between Syngenta and CSD has yielded great results for producers and the industry, underslining the importance of this partnership. In 2017, CSD, the only company to supply cotton seeds to Australian cotton producers, celebrated its 50th anniversary. CSD has put together this video to highlight the important partnership with CSIRO for the development and marketing of cotton, which benefits the final result of producers and is good for the environment and for rural communities. Richard Williams, an American like Frank, but a breeder “As farmers in Central Queensland start planting, it`s time for Syngenta and Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) to reflect on the FastStart Cotton program and its successes,” said Peter Graham, CSD`s executive director. [Change image to show an aerial view of the CSD installation and the camera rotates counterclockwise] Richard said, “You know, if we worked together, we could deal with all the crop expansion, the national attempts to do these kinds of things,” and I said, “Well, that`s something we just couldn`t do well.”