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Oracle Esl Agreement

Oracle`s licensing rules were last updated in May 2009. The original document can be here. 10 We agree that the other person`s confidential information will remain confidential for a period of three years from the date of publication. In addition, we undertake to disclose confidential information only to agents who are required to protect them from unauthorized disclosure. There is nothing to prevent either party from disclosing the terms or prices provided by this Agreement or the contracts submitted under this Agreement in a legal proceeding resulting from the terms of this Agreement or from a federal or state public body, in accordance with the law. F. Trademarks and Copyright You have the right to use Oracle`s trademarks and service marks (Oracle trademarks) to refer to associated Oracle products and services. Their use of Oracle trademarks complies with Oracle branding policies from time to time, and all Oracle-based corporate or corporate funds will benefit Oracle`s advantage. The guidelines on the use of Oracle`s trademark contained in this agreement may change. You can access Oracle brand usage policies (you need to log in, select the Home Page tab, and select the “Manage Your Membership” Portlet).

You agree not to use Oracle trademarks (including ORACLE) or potentially confusing variations (including ORA) as part of your product name, service name, business name or domain name. When marketing, promoting or licensing programs, you agree to specify that Oracle is the source of the programs. You must include in all copies of the programs you use or distribute: A. A copy of Oracle`s copyright; or B. A copyright mention that indicates that copyright is yours and contains: 1. A in the circle and the word copyright; 2. His name; 3. The date of the copyright; and four. The words All rights reserved. These communications must be recorded on the documentation, on the registration screen of each software containing the programs, and on all media containing the programs. A. Relationships between parties For all matters related to this agreement, you will act as an independent contractor.

This agreement does not create any partnerships, joint ventures, agencies, employees/employers, no employer relationships between parties, lobbyists or franchisees. Neither party is represented for its power to assume or create, on behalf of the other party, an express or implied obligation, or to represent the other party as a representative, employee, franchisee or other quality. No provision in this Agreement should be construed as limiting the right of one party to develop or distribute independently of the other party`s product, provided that the proprietary information of the other party is not contained in that software or used to create such software. S. Data Protection To the extent that this contract indicates to Oracle the right to access information about your customers/end-users, or when you provide Oracle with personal employee data under this contract, you agree to have transmitted all relevant communications or to have obtained all necessary consents for you to pass this information on to Oracle. Oracle uses the information only in a manner indicated by the information referred to in this agreement, necessary for the fulfillment of its purposes or otherwise communicated by Oracle at the time of the collection of this information. This information can be managed by Oracle in data centers in the United States and can be accessed by Oracle`s global staff, as is required for commercial purposes.