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Ibo Registration Agreement

2.1. Amway IBO Compensation Plan (or Plan) refers to the enterprise agreement by which CIOs receive certain income or other remuneration, as described in Section A of the Business Reference Guide. Copyrighted Works refers to copyrighted works owned by Amway, created or licensed by Amway. 2.3. The customer refers to a non-IBO who is an end user of products and services offered above or by Amway. 2.4. Independent Business (IB) refers to an independent amway company operated by iBO (s) under the IBO contract. 2.5. Independent Business Owners (IBOs) refer to a natural organization or organization that operates an IB under the IBO contract. 2.6. The IBOAI Board refers to the Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc.

Board of Directors. 2.7. “Line of Sponsorship” (LOS) refers to the IBOs structural agreement established by each IBO`s contractual relationship with Amway. 2.8. LOS information includes all information that reveals or relates to all or part of the sponsorship line, including IBO numbers and other IBO business identification data, IBO personal contact information, information on IBO`s business performance and all information derived from it in their previous, current or future forms. 2.9. Trademarks are trademarks accepted or used by Amway, trademarks, service marks, trademarks and/or commercial and/or other pending or existing trademark rights owned by Amway or amway licensees, which are the subject of declarations or trademark registrations. Prospectus refers to a prospective IBO. 2.11. Region: United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Jamaica, Pacific Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Wake Island and all Atlantic and Caribbean islands operated under the plan. 2.12.

means of use: (a) by reference to trademarks that, directly or indirectly, place, affix or display one or more marks on or in combination with goods or services, in a way that tends to give the impression of belonging, connection or connection between Amway and the IBO or approved suppliers; and (b) by reference to copyrighted works, to reproduce, disseminate and/or display, in whole or some of the copies of copyrighted works, including through digital audio transmissions, and to create derivative works.