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Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Sample

The duration of cooperation in the sense of point (b) (i) is five years from the date of entry into force; If Pinduoduo`s cumulative processing costs do not exceed the amount re-started after expiry, Pinduoduo`s non-cumulative amount may continue to accumulate after the expiry date, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. Tencent calculates payment fees for any payment request via Weixin Payment on the Pinduoduo platform, at a preferential price that is not higher than Weixin Payment`s normal rate and establishes commercial cooperation with respect to Weixin payment services. In order to actively and regularly promote Chinese materials of magnesia in North America, the three parties reached, after consultation, the following agreement: 2.2 Over the duration of the agreement, Tencent will refer to the plan and principles set out in Appendix A-1 of this agreement in order to conduct commercial cooperation with Pinduoduo in the opening and provision of Weixin Wallet portal and payment services. This is why, on the basis of the principles of equality, voluntary and good faith, both parties have reached the following agreement: a) During the period of cooperation, Pinduoduo violates laws, by-laws, regulations and other normative documents, or the platform rules relating to Tencent or Weixin, or violates the rights of third parties or has a considerable negative impact on the image , Tencent`s brand and reputation and has not been able to exert a negative influence on Tencent`s image, brand and reputation. correct or eliminate influence within a clause reasonably designated by Tencent; A framework agreement is an agreement between the buyer and the supplier for uns quantified goods and services that must be delivered over a specified period of time. The framework does not guarantee that the supplier receives transactions from the buyer. On the other hand, it is an agreement between the two parties, which defines the quantity and quantity of goods or services provided to the purchaser. Here, the supplier has the guarantee that he delivers his goods to the buyer. The duration of cooperation in the sense of point (a) (i) is five years from the date of entry into force, unless it is denounced in advance, as agreed by the parties.

2.1 The parties agree that, as part of the duration of this agreement, the contracting parties will conduct extensive cooperation in the following areas. 3) if, at the end of the period, the parties fail to reach an agreement on the renewal of the agreement; In response to the country`s call for a revitalization of the country, with regard to the strategic cooperation of the Beacon Basin (Shuntian) rural complex project for the construction of rural complexes, the two sides reached a consensus on cooperation after repeated consultations and decided to respect the principles of equity , equity and mutual utility and thus sign the strategic cooperation agreement for the rural construction project. (3) Through the strategic cooperation provided for in this agreement, the parties hope to improve Pinduoo`s e-commerce competitiveness and the ability of Tencent platforms to benefit from e-commerce and expand their user base.