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Nhsn Data Use Agreement

While your public health department (national, local or territorial) may not have a reporting mandate, it is important that institutionally established infection prevention specialists and institutionally established epidemiological staff work closely together to maximize prevention efforts at all geographic levels and to use assistance and consultation of resources and technical implementation that are beneficial to both parties. The expansion of NHSN`s capacity and services allows for analysis at all geographic levels and increases the value of the REQUIN prevention and response system. Health services are long-standing partners in public health surveillance and prevention, and they are committed, with the CDC, to doing everything in their power to ensure that NHSN data is not made public in a way that identifies institutions. Therefore, the NHSN agreement for participation and consent – the user agreement and data consent form that lists NHSN`s purposes and confidentiality rules – allows the CDC to provide NHSN data for surveillance and prevention, a goal that is achieved by a data usage agreement. Other stated objectives include providing information to health services for compliance with reporting obligations and to the CMS, so that institutions can meet the evolving requirements of CMS quality reporting, value-based purchasing and condition reduction programs acquired by hospitals. No no. The public provision of identifiable data would be a violation of the data usage agreement, and CDC will immediately cancel the data usage agreement. You don`t need to take any extra steps to release your data, for example. B membership in a group of health divisions in NHSN. CDC manages a special group for your health department, and your institution automatically joins the group. Your NHSN Facility Administrator can view the data sharing model for this group at any time in the NHSN app.

Health services can choose between different options for accessing NHSN data based on their specific data access needs, as shown in the table below. Each data use agreement is modeled using a model developed by the CDC and adapted by the CDC and the Department of Health to reflect local data requirements, policies and policies. If your state or municipality has an agreement on the use of the data, CDC will make the agreement available to the public on the CDC website. It is important to note that previous data (i.e. data introduced into NHSN prior to the opt-out period) are not transmitted; only future data will be forwarded to the Office of Public Health. NHSN data required by national, local or territorial law for sharing with the Ministry of Health will continue to be transmitted as usual (by entities that join a group in NHSN and accept a data sharing model). The data are used for surveillance and prevention of infections in the health sector (HAI) and not for legal and regulatory measures.