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Canada Energy Regulator Collective Agreement

(i) The translation group collective agreement between the Treasury Board of Directors and the Canadian Union of Professional and Technical Workers, which expired on April 18, 1990, decides to take the necessary steps to implement the existing amendments that will be made as soon as an agreement is reached on the EMPLOYEE Wellness Support Program (EWSP). The parties agree to continue the current practice of cooperation to address concerns about the well-being of staff and the reintegration of workers into work after periods of leave due to illness or injury. To date, the work program has received notices of regulatory exemptions or changes to new working time provisions for certain categories of workers. Consultations with stakeholders will resume in the winter of 2020. The Minister of Labour will recommend regulatory exemptions and/or amendments deemed appropriate and consistent with the objectives of Part III of the Code. The submission of your collective agreement in accordance with Section 132 of the Labour Code helps to improve the quality of information on collective bargaining. The province uses this data to produce reports such as The Negotiation Update, which provides labour relations and pricing information to the public. E2.01 The personal and spiritual importance of religious observance is recognized by the parties to the collective agreement. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that workers who apply for work leave are admitted in order to fulfil a particular religious obligation. Employees can benefit from bank loans, leave or compensatory leave or take leave without pay of their choice. 5. Notwithstanding any other Act of Parliament, a collective agreement or an arbitration award containing the directive on the adjustment of the workforce and any modification of the directive, any amendment to the directive is inserted, in accordance with the subsection (3), by reference to the collective agreement or award, subject to the necessary amendments by this Act and the collective agreement or arbitration award. If no agreement is reached within 18 months of the creation of the technical committee or at any time before that date, the parties agree to jointly appoint a mediator within 30 days.

(3) Any future changes to the EMF require the agreement of the institute and the employer. Future amendments will be negotiated between the parties around a central table consisting of an Institute negotiating team and a bargaining team for employers. H5.12 The deadlines set in this proceeding may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the representative of the institute. Dates that could be extended by mutual agreement among the members of the steering committee.